AutoTech was established in 1989. The first of our AutoTech Automotive Repair and Service sites was opened in Rozelle and is now the head office of the Auto Tech group.

In 1998, the company had a regular client base of over 1000 customers who trust the complete care of their vehicles to the AutoTech Team. With steady, strong growth and the success of the Rozelle service center, it was recognized there was a need to open a second AutoTech centre.

With the continual growth of the Sydney CBD business and residential community, AutoTech management sought a site within the Sydney CBD. This led to the opening of our second AutoTech service center located within Wynyard Parking Station. Modelled on the success of the Rozelle service center, the new Wynyard service center was to offer all of the existing AutoTech services to the same high standards as the Rozelle site. Both permanent and casual parking customers now had the convenience of having their cars serviced whilst carrying on with their daily business commitments, without interruption to their daily routine.

The growth of AutoTech Automotive Service and Repairs to date has been solely based on the company's belief in striving for excellence. This has been achieved by searching for and employing staff that not only wishes for excellence, but also will continually surpass the expectations of both our clientele and themselves.

The AutoTech Directors and site managers hold two beliefs, one, customer service, and two, excellence in workmanship. A belief which after almost 15 years still remains the cornerstone of AutoTech Automotive Service and Repair Centres.

We are a 100% Australian and privately owned business.