AutoTech will offer a professional automotive vehicle repair and maintenance service. Through our experience in the automotive industry, we will be offering all services that are required for the maintenance and repair of personal, fleet and light commercial vehicles, such as:

  • All Mechanical Repairs.
  • Engine Tuning Service.
  • General Vehicle Services.
  • Vehicle Braking System Service.
  • Tyre Fitting, Balancing and Wheel Alignment Services.
  • Vehicle Registration Checks & Certificates.
  • Exhaust System Repairs and Services.
  • Air-conditioning Repairs and Services.
  • Vehicle Hand Washing Service.
  • Hand book services (Manufactures warranty still valid if serviced by Autotech)

All site managers of our AutoTech sites are highly qualified to carry out the above work. The majority of AutoTech employees are fully qualified mechanical trade persons. AutoTech also encourages the employment of apprentice mechanics and boasts a high success rate of apprentices gaining their trade certificates and continuing their employment with AutoTech.